27 January 2023

Is it Time for My Wisdom Teeth to be Removed?

Wisdom teeth (also called third molars) are usually erupted to the mouth in early twenties, they might cause complications in which case, their extraction becomes necessary. There are cases where extraction
22 December 2022

Should I Whiten My Teeth or Get Veneers?

Veneers or teeth whitening? Choose teeth whitening if you just aim for a brighter smile (your teeth will be several shades brighter). On the other hand, choose veneers if you want
22 November 2022

Why is My Gum Swollen Around One Tooth?

It might be because there’s some food debris under your gums. The food debris will irritate the area and cause inflammation. Therefore, removing the food debris by brushing or flossing can
20 October 2022

Why Do My Teeth Hurt at Night?

If your teeth hurt at night (pain and discomfort might be worse in the evening), some of the possible causes are:  Increased blood flow to the head (when you lie on
23 September 2022

Toothache That Comes and Goes: What Causes It? 

A toothache that comes and goes might have been caused by sensitivity in your teeth (especially after consuming hot or cold drinks or food). It might have also been caused by
22 August 2022

Why Do My Gums Hurt?

Some common causes of gum pain are:  Gum disease  Harsh brushing and flossing  Dentures that don’t fit properly  Tooth abscess (consult a dentist right away)  Hormonal changes (e.g. pregnancy, menopause)  Allergy
1 August 2022

When is a Tooth Too Late to Save?

If tooth decay is still in the initial stages, the dentist can still save the tooth through fluoride treatment, fillings, crowns and root canal treatment. But if tooth decay is already
1 July 2022

When Is Sedation Used In Dentistry?

Sedation is used in dentistry when the patient is either suffering from anxiety resulting from their treatment or when dental surgery is required to improve the condition of a patient’s oral
7 June 2022

What Do Bleeding Gums Indicate?

While sometimes perfectly normal, bleeding gums can also indicate gum disease in its early stages. Regardless of whether your gums bleed while your are brushing, eating or otherwise, it’s worth checking