At Rose Dental, we promise you won’t experience anything similar to what you’ve experienced before.

Oftentimes, patients expect their dental visits to be loud and painful, or they may get charged absurd amounts for treatments that they believe are unnecessary or cannot explain to them.

But at Rose Dental, we are a highly professional team dedicated to putting our patients’ needs and concerns first. During your initial consultation, the dentist will provide you with a list of possible treatment plans and projected costs, as well as their opinion on your case. The dentist will ensure you understand how the plan will work and will gladly answer any smallest or silliest question you ask.

Before arriving at Rose Dental

To get to know you a bit better, our patient coordinator will contact you to get a bit of information. Profile photos are optional, they give us a visionary identification of you before your appointment date.

Arriving at Rose Dental

Your initial appointment will help us understand your current situation and desired outcome. You will be greeted by our treatment coordinator who will then request for you to fill out a medical history questionnaire.

1. Consultation

Our dentist will guide you through your consultation and will take all necessary records during this appointment – photographs of concerned areas, x-rays and/or opg scans of teeth and jaw if needed. Our dentist will then conduct a thorough oral examination and assessment. This will then be followed by a discussion of your treatment options.

2. Treatment Discussion
and Quote

The treatment discussion will outline the steps necessary, estimated treatment timings and costs. Depending on the treatment, you will receive a digital before and after photo. Throughout your visit, you will be able to speak with our treatment coordinators and dentist regarding your treatment and/or quotes; and any further questions you have before starting your treatment.

3. Post Treatment Care
and Maintenance

Once your treatment is over, our team will review your treatment to make sure you are happy with the results. We will explain all the steps required to maintain your perfect new smile and keep your mouth healthy.