Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are the most often used to repair decayed, chipped or cracked teeth but also they can be used to mask a crooked tooth.
As having a regular dental check-up is important in maintaining your oral health, getting any holes or cracks in your teeth to be filled before the decay cause major issues is important.
If left unattended, a hole or crack in your tooth will eventually become larger or deeper which, in turn, can increase the tooth filling cost and may even result in your tooth need a Root Canal treatment.

At Rose Dental our tooth filling material will look and feel just like your teeth, keeping your smile on point while protecting your teeth from decay.
Tooth filling is a big part of preventive care dentistry that will help to protect your teeth from any further damage. For preventive dentistry you can trust, book your next check up with Rose Dental.

Dental Restoration

Dental restoration is a broad term that not only includes dental fillings but also reshaping and straightening teeth. This can be done by reshaping a crocked tooth to enhance the shape or enhancing the brightness of a discoloured tooth by masking the discoloration. Restorative dentistry also includes composite veneers or bonding veneers, which are more conservative and affordable options to porcelain veneers, as there is no need for cutting the teeth.

The most common question pertaining to fillings is usually how much does a filling cost? This again will vary greatly depending on the following:
1. The number of surfaces of the tooth involve in the filling
2. Position of the tooth in the mouth, front or back teeth – as this indicate ease
of access to the tooth and the importance of final details of it is a front tooth
3. Duration of the procedure
4. Type of material used, as this can be a composite filling or in lab made porcelain filling

Patients may require a dental filling if they suffer from tooth decay or if the structure of one of their teeth is damaged due to trauma. A dental X-Ray will usually identify the need for a restorative treatment.

Fillings can be done composite, porcelain or gold!.