Fearful of coming to see a dentist? suffer from dental anxiety?

Or simply would like to make your next dental experience more comfortable and

If you have a dental phobia, you are not alone and there is nothing to be ashamed of. Some dental procedures can be invasive and sometimes painful. For many of those people that anxiety is so extreme that they will do nearly anything to avoid sitting in the dentist’s chair!

Obviously, if your fear is keeping you from visiting the dentist regularly or even at all, you are putting yourself at tremendous risk for serious oral health problems. But whether your anxiety just makes you a little uneasy or is stopping you from ever coming to see us, Happy Gas (inhalation sedation) is something you should consider. Regardless of the reasons, happy gas (also known as laughing gas or nitrous oxide) is regarded as a very safe, effective, and easily reversed  inhalation sedation method that can drastically decrease feelings of anxiety. At Rose Dental we use happy gas and can even change a patient’s feelings toward dentistry.

Make sure to express your nervousness to us when visiting our caring dentists at Rose Dental. Knowing your concerns will help us to adjust the treatment to your needs.